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Experience traditional sailing onboard one of our yachts. Join yourself or bring your family, colleagues or friends. No previous sailing experience is needed. You participate as much as you want. Start with one of the popular day cruises or join in for a longer cruise for an unforgettable experience.

Sail with us


We are now planning the season 2019. It will definitely be a great season with many sailing possibilities. Below are the cruises planned as of now but stay tuned for more!



Evening cruise with Irish music

All Thursdays in May and June

Departure Eriksberg 18.00 back at 22.00.

Including a small bite 390:-



Day cruise to Känsö- the military island

Daycruise to the ilsand Känsö, some days in May and June (dates to be determined)

Departure Eriksberg 10.00 back at 18.00

Including guided tour and unch at Känsö and snack onboard 650:-/pers




Daycruises regularly during the season, look out for more information.

Departure Eriksberg 13.00, back at 16.00

Including Swedish fika 350:-/pers


Payment onboard cash or Swish




What, when, how


Come onboard and get your traditional sailing experience. Read our practical advise and let no practicalities come in your way.


During the sailing we sail together. If you wish you can help out with hoisting the sails and managing the ship.


Onboard the yachts, we're always following the weather and the winds. Safety is first, but we always make sure to make the right choices to maximize the sailing experience.We can never promise a certain trip but we do everything to create the best cruise.


Bring clothes to be able to join the sailing experience on deck, bear in mind that the weather at sea is always a bit more chilly than at land so better safe than sorry. A normal rain or windproof jacket is good to have. It could be a bit chilly during spring and autumn so also good to bring a hat for the daytrips. Life west for daytours are not needed but please bring one if you are sailing with us for a few days.


We fulfil the safety requirements fo cruising with passengers and are certified by Transportstyrelsen. We have full safety equipment for all passengers, which includes life west and rafts amongst others.


We provide pillows and duvets for those lodging onboard. Bring your normal duvet and pillow case. There is limited space for luggage onboard so please pack in soft bags and bring only what is necessary.


We have bathrooms onboard equipped with a sink and a water closet, please bring your own towel.


At tours overnight, we cook and make the dishes together onboard. At day cruises, lunch dinner or a snack is included, see the description of each tour. At your booking, let us know if you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions.


The departure and arrival if from Eriksberg (se "Contact us" for more information), if nothing else is stated.


All payment are done onboard in Swish or cash.


Make the dream come true


Book your place on one of the cruises by sending us a message below or on info@traditionsailing.se. We will come back to you with a booking confirmation.



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